Residential Roofing & Gutters

If it is necessary to install a new shingle roof rather than repair the damage your next critical decision is whether to tear off the old shingles or simply add a top layer of new shingles to the existing roof. Adding a top layer is called an Overlay and does not require a Complete Tear-off.  If your roof sustains extensive damage, whether through a storm or just over time, we can assess whether repairs just won’t do anymore.  We specialize in all aspects of roof/guttering repairs and new installations.  Call Matt at 816.808.1902 or Steve at 816-380-3340 for a complimentary estimate. 

Roofing and guttering Services

  • New Roofs

  • Re-Roofs

  • Re-Sheets

  • Overlays

  • Complete Tear-offs

  • Roof Repairs

  • Guttering

As local roofing contractors we are aware of state and local regulations and requirements and upon inspection of your home's roof, we will be able to tell you with certainty whether you are looking at a total roof replacement or if the possibility of an overlay exists. We will work with your insurance company and assist you in making an informed decision.  Quality, integral roofing services are guaranteed. 

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